Marine Herbarium Press Kit

Marine Herbarium Press Kit


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A quality Australian Made Marine Herbarium Press. Made in the traditional style, slatted or 'wet' presses have been utilised for centuries to study endemic marine seaweed specimens and track the migration of weeds to warmer waters due to climate change. Women pioneers have been at the forefront of this study since its inception. It is an important tradition to continue, as the presses of today are living diaries for tomorrow, that can be scientifically DNA sequenced and  become study tools for centuries to come. 


Make your own seaweed, plant or botanical pressings with our custom Marine Herbarium Press Kit.

Your kit comes with all the quality supplies you need - you just need to forage for specimens and grab some newspaper! 



  • Handmade Australian Tasmanian Oak timber frame press approx 290mm x 210mm
  • 1 x pipette
  • 7 x cardboard sheets
  • 6 x torn edge Saunders Waterford 100% cotton watercolour paper 190GSM (acid free & archival)
  • 6 x Blotting paper 135GSM (acid free)
  • 6 x pieces of cheesecloth (acid free)
  • 2 x cork straps made of high quality Portuguese eco-friendly & PETA Vegan approved cork with quality spring loaded clips
  • Instructions
  • Sea Weed poem card on 200gsm leathergrain card stock


When ordering you can nominate which strap colour you prefer. There's limited availability so we'll try to supply your preferred colour but may need to substitute it. You can choose between natural timber of a walnut stained colour.


Please Note: Always check with local coastal authorities before removing seaweeds from their natural environment. We don't advocate the removal of living species from a holdfast and we collect our specimens from the 'wrack' tide line. 


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