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Create a sanctuary in your home that inspires and fills you with joy. A space to relax, reflect and reimagine.

Merchants of the Sea was created from a collision of passions! Our obsession with the transcendant beauty of the ocean and our love of foraging for vintage treasures.

We're collectors, curators and beachcombers. We pretty much always have our eyes peeled to seek out objects that inspire us and we love finding ways to appropriate these pieces into unique decor for your home.

Vintage nautical items that conjure imaginings of a bygone coastal lifestyle, with a well worn patina, are of particular fascination to Merchants of the Sea.

We are also makers, and look forward to expressing our nautical passion and offering bespoke and customised pieces, along with collaborations with other brands that embrace the coastal lifestyle.

We also have a range of handmade nautical pennants, cushions and flags available to buy online.

Sound like your cup of tea? Follow us on instagram to share our passion and to be the first to know about our new discoveries.

"We love how vintage objects contain a story that can enrich your space and add texture and character to your home"

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