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Flowers of the Sea Album

Flowers of the Sea Album

$250.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price


Our special album is now available at half price! During the testing phase, a limited number of albums had gold foil stamping that didn't pass out quality control. The albums are otherwise in perfect condition. Ask for photos if you'd like to see the cover before purchasing.

Our Flowers of the Sea Album is the perfect companion to our Marine Herbarium Press Kit, creating an heirloom collection of your seaweed pressings.

The album is handcrafted by artisans in Italy and measures 21cm wide x 25cm high.

It features:

• Genuine hardbound leather cover

• 30 sheets of bound thick card (60 sides), ivory colour, acid-free

• Separated pages with luxurious vellum interleaves to protect your specimens

• Stamped with our "Flowers of the Sea" foil stamp. We like to slightly distress the finish with an aged patina to give your album an olde world aesthetic.

Note: the leather is veg tanned and finished with natural waxes. Being a natural product it has inherent markings, wrinkles in the grain and colour shifts. This attribute adds to the character and handmade charm.

Create your very own traditional album to pass down to future generations to enjoy!

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