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Diving Girl Handpainted Banner 3

Diving Girl Handpainted Banner 3

$995.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price

Introducing Olympia! This hand sketched and painted banner celebrates the nostalgia of our 1940s wood diving girl mannequin (from a collection of Sydney 2000 Olympic memorabilia) against a backdrop of historic Australian architecture.

Featuring the Kings Beach Bathing Pavilion (designed in 1937 Caloundra QLD) our original design has been painted on decommissioned vintage boat sails.

The pavilion colours across the designs represent the changing history of this important building.

Generously sized to make a statement.

Please note, the vintage sails have a previous history of a life at sea and being stored. They have tell-tale watermarks, age spots, storage marks, which we feel adds to the aged patina. There may be small holes where brass cleats may have once been, or other markings. The painting technique also adds to the aged aesthetic. Please carefully examine the images. Our banners have been machine stitched on the raw edge to help prevent fraying and we can recommend options for hanging. If you would prefer a "newer" look, on a new piece of canvas, please contact us. We are happy to receive commissions to create your perfect piece.

Measurements: approx 115cm height x 201cm wide

All designs and images copyright Merchants of the Sea


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