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Art Deco Mermaid Plate circa 1930s #4

Art Deco Mermaid Plate circa 1930s #4

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Attention 'Modern Stylists'! These plates are as rare as they come! And approxinately 90 years old!! Research suggests these plates are Bakelite and circa 1930s (the company went into liquidation in 1946).  


British made, I believe this to have originally been a picnic set. What a special picnic that must have been! These are rare survivors that have been imported to Australia, and highly collectible with its deco mermaid design.


Attach a plate stand and hang on the wall, or use as a shelf sitter or jewelry trinket dish.  They also look beautiful in a curiosity cabinet or amongst a shell collection. 


Antique Mermaid pieces are rare and highly collectible. 


This small sized plate is an ivory/cream colour and measures approximately 15.5cm diameter. This plate has a few small ages spots in the Bakelite.


*Please note. These plates are very old. Please view photographs as part of description. Some plates may have very minor age spots. Any signicant variation will be otherwise noted. They are being sold for 'display only' as they would not meet modern standards. 



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